Friday, July 23, 2010

Let Me Out of This Deal, Please?

Sometimes I wish I were an animal. Things are so much simpler in their lovely little worlds.
They don't need to worry about school and schedules and just pressure in general.
They don't think things out, only doing something on pure instinct. It's just so true and split-second thinking.
They don't hold grudges. Whenever one of my cats tumble around on the ground together growling and hissing at eachother, a few minutes later I can find them curled up together in one of my sweatshirts. Gotta love that.
They don't have the tube shoving spoonfulls of mindless media down their throats.
They don't obsess about their weight.
They don't need to pretend to be happy socializing with others while inside a tiny voice is screaming I hate this. Let me out!!!
They don't need to buy clothes for all sorts of occasions.
They don't need to get a job when they grow up.
They don't think about death all the time.
Sitting in the kitchen watching the falling rain, I glance over at my cat, who's tucked into a little ball on an island chair, sleeping through the storm that lulls her to sleep. I wish I were you, I think to myself. My cute little orange cat looks up at me sleepily and lets out a small purr, tucking her head underneath her paw once again.
I envy that.


  1. AHMEN. I love this. I absolutely agree with you. I love your posts, they inspire me. (:

  2. I totally agree with you there. Animal's are oh-so-very lucky. But I think its incredible to be a human also. We get to discover life's tiny secrets each day =) Lots of endless love <3

  3. xoxo, Hannah- thanks, that means a lot to me!

    Talia- they really are. but i guess you're right. we have so many oppritunities in life that animals don't. thanks for that P.O.V.

  4. I love this post, but I disagree. If I were an animal, I wouldn't be able to think or feel the things I do when I'm human, and to me that is the most precious part of life.

  5. Francesca- yeah, i agree with you. i love feeling the human feelings i have, and i wouldn't be able to write, but i was just saying that sometimes i feel like that because my mind is just going a hundred miles an hour, and i wish i could make that stop.
    actually, i love it when people disagree with me, because i get to see other's ways of thinking and if everyone all just agreed with me, well, that would be so boring :)