Friday, July 2, 2010

Jade Stew

2 cups of wiseness to last a lifetime
1 pint of fresh stubbornness
3 generous handfulls of loyalty
1 ounce of strong opinions
1 1/2 tablespoons of love
2 teaspoons of pure uniqueness
a splash of old soul charm
one heaping spoonfull of sarcasm
and a dash of laughter

Combine all ingredients together in a large purple porcelean bowl and stir with an old fashioned silver spoon or a wooden one. For best results, add saltwater from the ocean and a small handfull of snow from the 1st snowfall of the year. Add a minced cat whisker that fell off from your cat and a purple flower petal as well. If you cannot find a purple flower petal, a pinch of purple food coloring is fine.
When everything is mixed, put the bowl out in the sun on a windy day at sunrise and leave it there till noon.

And that's how you make Jade Stew!

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