Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fighting for Life

I was looking through Hope Was Here today, just flipping through it, when I found this on the first page I started reading:
"A man shouts from across the room. 'G.T., how are you going to handle the stress of campaigning and being mayor if you're fighting for your life?'
G.T. leans against the dessert case across from the register. 'Because I'm more interested in living than in dying. And I want to bring as much healthy change into this town as I can before I go. I'm a short-order cook, Morgan. I always do more than one thing at a time.'"
~ from Hope Was Here by Joan Bauer, p. 37-38
...How inspiring is that?


  1. I haven't read Hope Was Here, but I read Stand Tall, and that was really inspiring. This post was great!

    Sorry if I haven't commented on your blog in the past few weeks, I just finished school after doing exams and such but I'm back and commenting. I hope you are doing well!


  2. That IS inspiring.
    And really, this should apply to all of us. Because every second that we're living, we're one second closer to dying.
    we are always dying.

    So, we have to make the best of living.