Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Inner peace, I always thought, is feeling, well... peaceful. Shoulders slackened, eyes heavy, while in a perfect yoga pose. Well, not the last one, but you get what I mean. I've always thought that inner peace was only possible if your mind was blank. But that's impossible. That's what I've learned this weekend. Inner peace (in, ahem, Jade translation) is being able to still feel happy even through the chaos in life, and to be able to laugh even when inside you're a little weak. Being able to cope through this, I think, is inner peace. So now, my goal is to be able to take in the small things and not fall apart. Now, inner peace (or peace at all) doesn't so bad. Or scary and intimidating. Doesn't peace sometimes make you feel like that? Pressured to never mess up?I always feel like I'm going to meet this incredible person, someone that will turn my world upside down, and change my point of view and outlook on life. But really, how often does that happen? So now, I'm not going to think about this need of someone that I can tell things to. Not at all. Instead, I'm going to let the universe, or whatever else is out there, take my tiny problem into its hands instead of balancing all my worries on my own. What will be, will be. What won't, won't. And I'm almost positive that that is inner peace. (Have any suggestions for an upbeat post? Maybe I'll add some inspiring arts-y pics, or tell you random funny things about myself or inspiring things. I dunno. I need input. Thanks!)


  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! I think inner peace is terrifying because whenever I think about thinking that my day is going to be great, that I'm going to go through the day without wanting to go home and sob my eyes out; i feel that I'm going to mess it up somehow or someway. And i feel that way too. I feel that I'm desperately looking for someone to change my life or make me feel better. I'm looking for someone I can truly talk to without being ashamed of myself or embarrassed. I'm looking for a friend. I look at my friend or person who I hope and think is my friend and think wow isn't she lucky she has two best friends and one of them is a guy a wonderful guy that i would love to be friends with. And she tells him EVERYTHING. I would love to do that. I can't even do that to my sister, or friend that I've known since birth, or best friend that I've know since kindergarten. Or even my mom. The only person I do is the internet and they dont always respond or even listen.

    Wow, that was one long comment and poured my life out to you. I hope at least an eighth of that made sense.


  2. despite being the drama geek, total-hippie, go-green, save-the-whales kind of person i am, i'll tell you that peace isn't an easy thing to come by. we try all sorts of things to try and put our minds to ease, dope, drugs, alcohol, all stupid things that are like poison to our bodies and minds. we have to go to God for peace, instead of killing ourselves with those drugs that will only last for a couple of hours. God's peace will last forever.

  3. I think peace is really similar to happiness. For me, I just try to do as much of what makes me happy and as little of what makes me unhappy as possible. (except for homework, haha.) I think you're exactly right about what inner peace is.

  4. Me- wow, you sound just like me! i feel like this all the time too. and also, you don't have to explain to me about pouring your life out; i do that all the time :) you can always leave me comments, i'll respond to whatever's bothering you.

    ↘Cassidy↙- i agree with you. when you believe in something greater than yourself, then there's a little hope left. at least, that's what i think :)

    Francesca- thanks! i came up with this theory during the weekend. scary, how much i think...