Monday, April 25, 2011


I definetly recommend this book that I'm about to quote. Seriously, this book was funny and heartbreaking all at once. It's like no other book you've read before, I'll guarentee you that. Even though it's written from a boy's point of view, I can still relate to this story. Here you go:

"'I wish..." She starts, then shudders because she's crying. 'I wish it was the summer, Albert.'

I wish it was the summer, too.

I shake my head.

'It'll never be the summer again, Mia.'

'Can we pretend it is, just for tonight?', she asks.

I don't say anything at first, too much is going through my head, I'm confused, and it's not until I look up at her when I realize...

'Okay', I say. 'Hi, Mia.'

I try to say it cheerfully, but she frowns at me.

'That's not how you did it when we first met.'

'I don't follow.'

She raises her right hand, palm out, and stares at me gravely.

'How, Albert', she says.

I raise my hand, too.

'How, Mia.'

~ from Stop Me if You've Heard This One Before, p 372-373


  1. I definitely need to read this. Thank you for quoting it. So happy, it made my heart flutter like a wee little butterfly. With orange spots.

    I love your blog, especially the new template.

    I'll give you a dollar if you read my blog, too. Please?

  2. So Incredible! The fourth picture was my favorite. I'm a new follower of yours, and I just want to say that I read your blog daily. You have such great things to say and I love to read through your great mind! (:

  3. I agree with That Blond Guy. I'm going to FIND this book in my library. It sounds so...amazing.