Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Happy List

1. Accept that you're angry/sad, and you deserve to be angry/sad.
2. Kick something till you giggle.
3. Scream into your pillow until you can feel the heat in your cheeks and you need to take in a deep breath.
4. Splash water onto your face.
5. Draw a scary picture and make it into something hilarious.
6. Tear said picture into shreds if desired. Then step on it.
7. Read one of your favorite childhood books aloud, in a happy voice that your parents would use.
8. Blast crazy music and jump on your bed.
9. Think over the bad things that happened to you, and then think about how much worse it could have been.
10. Eat a banana, because someone I know once told me that bananas are supposed to relax you.
11. Wear something outrageous and walk around your front yard like that.
12. Look up Good Riddance lyrics. Read (or sing) them aloud to the actual song until you get the meaning of it.
13. Save a spider.
14. Eat chocolate.
15. Find a picture of your enemy, and bury it.
16. Call your grandparents to just talk.
17. Watch Elf. Need I say more?
18. Understand that someone else has probably experienced the same thing your going through right now. Cute, right? The frog?


  1. I loved this post, it was absolutely amazing =) And the picture with the girl and the frog? Beautiful. Lots of love!


  2. Thanks for your comment! (: I'm going to follow you! (:

  3. Hey this is Bella from Lisi. Wow ur blog was so inspiring!!!! Im so going to do those things when the time comes, thanks, I really needed that today.