Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Alernative Teacher

Little kids inspire me. And I hate to admit this, but I'm jealous of them a lot of the time.
They, first of all, have the best hair. It makes me blush to say this even to myself. Their little ringlets of hair are always so soft and bounce whenever they walk, their hair tumbling effortlessly over their shoulders. Unintentional curls, to me, are the most beautiful.
They're consistently happy, even about the smallest things, whatever it may be. A smile someone had given them earlier that day, an innocent cartoon, where the characters are their best friend. Randomness, your car keys, bubble gum and candy, and, even pennies.

I really want to try this. So maybe, when the weather gets warmer, I will :) I want to be amused by the small things in life, live in the moment, and learn to just laugh and be innocent all around. Children hold the secrets to happiness in life. I envy that. Seriously, why aren't kids teachers?

Goal: for the rest of the day, act and live as if I'm five years old.

P.S. You know what's coming. My 100th post. Any ideas? Hit me.


  1. I try to act like a five-year-old everyday...

  2. for your one hundreth post, name your one hundred favorite words. then, draw a picture of one hurdred lolipops, take a picture of that, and post it here. then, jump up and down, yelling, "i did it! i did 100 posts!"

    then, i dunno. go eat a grilled cheese sandwich, i guess!

    but, since this IS a special occasion, i command you to use provalone cheese.

  3. haha I love this goal.

    My cats name in the photo is Cougar :)

  4. I love when people do vlogs(: Or do something with the number 100. 100 things you love? 100 things you need? 100 facts about yourself?

    Hope this helped!

    xx Brookieeee

  5. Hahaha I get excited about almost everything like a 5 year old. My friends constantly tell me to calm down. i have a little baby neice and boy, do I just love and envy her. Its a near constant internal battle for me. She's perfect, and sadly I'll admit, I wish i was her sometimes. I just love her so much...

    100th post?? Congrats, maybe you could do a Q & A?

    <3 <3

    Check out my link?

  6. kids really are the greatest. it's so fun seeing them get amused over the littlest's what i love about being a preschool teacher :).

  7. You are so right Jade! Kids are smiling about the littlest thing. Something is caught myself walking and just smile becaus I walk here. It feel so damn good :)

  8. I work part time at a daycare...and love much(!). It's fun to be in their world, and watch the way their little minds function...on this note, my flatmate gave me bubblegum lip balm for christmas, a lush way to connect ones self with the days of hubba bubba and foreverlasting gum...