Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Little Miss

It's really funny, actually, that I was given an award called the Little Miss Blogger award.
When I was in eighth grade, I was obsessed with the Mr. Men Little Miss characters. I used to draw them all the time, look up pictures of them and print them out. Yeah, I was kinda obsessed with all the eighties things, like metal lunch boxes with characters like Animal on it, hair bands, and eighties punks with their hair spiked up and their jeans severely tapered and torn. So, this is one of my favorite awards I've gotten :) Thanks, Cassidy! (The saga of another American Tweenager) So now, I have to list five things that I love about blogging. Okay, then... 1. I love that I can say things here that can help me vent, the stuff that I could never tell someone face-to-face. Like, all the stories about the guy that just keeps driving me and and down and in circles, poetry, all the stuff that would make me blush and cringe in front of anyone else.
2. Getting to see all the other bloggers and their crazy (but oh-so true) lives, that make me feel a bit more normal, and less of an outsider. Blogging has also improved my writing, confidence around others reading my things, and getting inspired from other blogs. The bloggers here have shown me a more beautiful -and a lot less perfect- life that I can have. Thanks :)
3. I like the fact that all (or most) bloggers are people that think outside the box. Not many people see the world like I do, so this comforts me.
4. C'mon, sometimes pictures are even better than the blog posts itself. A picture can take me back, anywhere I want to go, my memories preserved and hidden where others can't see them. Pictures make me want to write more blog posts! Whenever I'm having a blogger's block (I made this phrase up), I go to and get some inspiration.
5. I like reading my comments, and seeing what people have to say about my posts. When people dissagree with me, kinda weird, but it makes me feel like a better person. I don't know.

Now I have to award three (I'm changing this for reasons) other people this award. Here you go...
Francesca (Pig's Flying), because she's intense and a lot older inside than she really is.
Joy (Life of Joy.), because she's just so happy all the time. I envy you.
Ruth (The Ruth Chronicles), because I'm jealous of your creativity.

Now that I'm thinking about the eighties, I need to tell you about one of my new obsessions: Rush. Yes, the band Rush, that most fifteen-year-old girls aren't really interested in listening to. But I have to be honest: For real, I look all short and innocent with my curls and shyness in front of people I don't know, but really, I love rock beyond belief. Classic, punk, pop-rock, alternative, you name it. I love it. But really, not kidding, you need to take some time to listen to Rush. The clearness of the lead singer's voice is incredible, and people that I know say that in concert it's amazing as well, not static and off like other bands can be. And not to mention, the drums are also crystal clear, too. The music is so... electric. Clear. I love it.
Now, I'll stop talking about my quirky music taste. But really. Listen to Rush.


  1. you're priiiity creative yourself with this blog here! I love your pictures, the Phychedelic Pig, your writing, you posts... Everything is true and honest and wonderful to read. Your posts make people think

    I will check out Rush as soon as I can!

    <3 <3

  2. um, I happen to like rush. a lot, actually. actually, one may call it an obsession.

    if you like alternative, moses leroy is pretty good. i loved him when i was five. or, more of, his music.

    you're very welcome for the award! you totally deserved it!

  3. Thank you so much for the tag! I might have to list some of the same things as you because you pretty much summed up what's so amazing about blogging(:

    I love how you always share small pieces of your life. It leaves me having to put them together like a puzzle, trying to figure you out.

  4. Gabrielle- thank you! that means a lot to me. i mean, isn't every bloggers goal to make people look at a different view of the world? i'm glad i make you think :)
    and yeah, you should. they're kinda... unique. well, listen on youtube and you'll see what i mean...

    ↘Cassidy↙- finally! i haven't found one of my friends yet to like Rush, so this is a new experience for me, ha ha.
    moses leroy? i've never heard of him, i'll be sure to listen sometime :)

    *Brookie*- thanks!

    Francesca- you're welcome :) you deserve it.
    and yeah, i always try to put a little blurb in here and there about me personally. truthfully, if there wasn't such a big thing about weirdo cyber stalkers and all the other crazy people out there, i think there'd be no secrets left in me. because i DO have some funny stories...

  5. hey jade! i tagged you in a blog award!