Monday, January 17, 2011

In These Walls

No, I'm not a food junkie. Just a local food junkie. And there is a difference.
Ever since the show "Best Thing I Ever Ate" came out on Food Network, I've been obsessed with finding cute little local food cafes/stands where I live. Because of that show, I don't use American cheese for my grilled cheese anymore. No. I use provalone. And Italian ham, with basil leaves on it. How spoiled am I? We even took a day trip to get one of the foods from the show, "Best Thing I Ever Ate". It was amazing.
What can I say? I love little family-owned places, because the food tastes so much better there, and the place always has that old-school charm to it. Character. There's this pizza place where I live, and it makes my inspiring-radar-finder sing. It's beautiful in there. And it smells heavily of brick oven pizzas and tomatoes. Family-owned food stands always seem to care about the food they make, live for making food, and enjoy every moment of it.
That, to me, is love.
This picture isn't for a purpose (for once). It just makes me feel all warm and cozy.


  1. I so agree!!! Whenever I go out to dinner with my family I always take a picture of what we order. Yay for local food junkies!!

  2. Mmmmm that picture made me so hungry! Grrr...:)
    Lovely (yummy) pictures!
    I love family owned restaurants as well! They always care about their individual costumers satisfaction. Its not just the food, its the whole atmosphere and experience! And then of course...there's the food. :p

  3. if there's one thing i absolutely hate, it's fast food places. they never have ANYTHING vegetarian, they never get your order right, they're slow, and on top of that, the food tastes like greased-up cardboard! i'm a big fan of little, local restaurants. when i went to new hampshire this recent year, me and my dad found this adorable cafe. i biked there again the next day. awesome.

  4. Family owned restaurants are of such good quality. They put their heart in their food.

  5. Yum yum. I wish my town had cute little places like that! All we have are McDonalds and Subways. And I hate cooking, so I have to rely on that.

  6. I am really LOVING your banner!!! No there's a story to tell!
    Have a great day!