Monday, September 13, 2010

Among the Smiling Spiders

Relentless taunting in my ears,
A sheen of sweat across my face,
Spiders waltzing on the walls
In a dress of dusty lace.

"Will you ever learn?",
One with heavy eyes asks. "Such a waste."
And then she saunters off
In a dress of dusty lace.

My eyes whirl around like a spiral slurpee
And my fingers fall across fate, a damp ace,
Peering up at me from below, a sly smiling spider
In a dress of dusty lace.

Jaded rhinestones bounce off the
Chipped up window sills lacking grace
Lining up among the spiders
In their dress of dusty lace.

Liquid eyes line up in my face and say,
"Live it as it is, and quit that restless pace."
And then in a puff of sparkly smoke, she's gone
In a dress of dusty lace.

School. Hectic.
Sleep. Nightmares.
Homework. ...
Even though hectic, I'm still moving
moving on.
Sorry for being such a slacker with the blogging.
Shame. Shame on me :)


  1. I loved that. It was so mystic sounding. It's amazing how you can turn something like spiders into something elegant.

  2. PLEASE STOP POSTING! It's the only way for you too stop making me want to compy and paste into my new post. ;) I kid, please keep posting, plese? (: X's and O's, Hannah. ♥

  3. Wow, you're so talented, Jade! I wish I could write things like that.

    Yeah, school suck's, right? :)

  4. This was so incredible, you are absolutely such a gifted child. I'm not really into poetry, but you MAKE me want to read it. When I see that you have a new post I always run to it and read it before any of the others. You're just so...lovely. Wow. I sound like Cassie a bit over there with the whole, Lovely, Wow. Lots of endless love, and a dress of dusty lace =) <3

  5. Please do not shame yourself for not time, you will and that is all you need to do!
    Loving your work!