Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dandelion Dreams

Kiss her g'night,
Tuck her in,
Leave the door open a crack
The way you know she likes it.
Shake your head,
Wonder why
The seeds shall fly
Shall fly away.
To distant lands.

We rock the coast
And pass it by,
While deep deep down
You wonder why
The seeds shall fly
Shall fly away.
To this distant land.

On our walls
With a look of glee
And then a shriek.
Kids, you mumble,
Even though
You wonder why
The seeds shall fly
Shall fly away.

Painting makeup
On her face,
You instruct her
To sit a bit still,
Even through the butterflies.
She used to hate him
And now it's different;
She's got new eyes,
Some vivid eyes.
You now know why
The seeds shall fly
Shall fly away.

Now it's different
The tides have changed
She kisses you g'night
Just like she's been smiled at
All those times
So long ago.
Mama, she's saying
Please don't leave me.
Don't let me go.
But I know.
The seeds shall fly
Shall fly away.

The tides have changed,
The wind stronger some,
But I now know
I'll stay planted
Here forever
Even though
The ground's swept
From below us.


  1. This is such beautiful writing.

  2. That's lovely, really nice. <3
    Your blog is so cool, keep up the great work :)

  3. Absolutely mind blowing! Do you know how awesome you are! REALLY awesome! Although I kind of miss you responding to us on the comments, its what made you different from many other bloggers =( Well lots of endless love me dear! =) <3

  4. i like your blog, its really good, please check mine, i hope you do:

  5. Amy- thanks, Amy! you're writing is beautiful, too, even while your busy with college and stuff like that :)

    dennicapearl- thanks for following me :) i'll check out ur blog, too

    Reyna♥- thank you. i gotta admit, i freaking love the photo, too, ha ha

    audrey. - thanks, i love ur blog, too. my fav post was of the apple peel. so amazing!

    somewhat nameless- :)

    Ninja_Lover- thank you <3 for the sweet comment. i'll check out ur blog sometime :)

    Talia- ha ha, thanks! you're awesome, too, Talia.
    and about me not really being in touch these last couple weeks, it's mostly schools fault. i still love blogger to pieces and checking out ur blogs, but i just haven't had the time. see, this semester, i have no study halls, and that's the time i usually get everything done, so i've been having to bring it all home with me. which is crap for me, cause i hate being behind on my reading and posts. right now, though i'm gonna write an essay later, so i'm just catching up on everything. sorry for being a slacker blog manager! :) when january comes, everything will get better. better posts, better keeping in touch with all of you :D

    Nicoline- don't worry, i'll check out ur blog! :) :P :D sorry i love smiley faces!

    Francesca- thanks, you are too :) ur AMAZING!

  6. Love this. That's all that needs said about this. I would just like to let you know that you inspire me as a writer. You make me want to push my boundries. You make me want to exceed limits. I'd like to thank you for it. (: X's and O's, Hannah. ♥