Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Take Me to the Place I Love

Today in art class we had to draw a sketch of a bike. It was spray painted baby blue with the rust peeking through in some places and propped up on a desk, one of those old-timey bikes that you'd see the paper boys riding around on in the neighborhood, tossing papers at people's doors. My teacher said we could draw any big of the bike we wanted, the handlebars, spokes, crank, anything. As we huddled around the bike with the lights off (better to see the shaded areas), I couldn't help but feel so vivid and alive. And whenever I moved my head a bit, I'd be able to see pieces of the other kid's faces as they searched the bike like I was.
Because every part of the bike made me think of something in my life. The handlebars made me think of a girl in my class who used to always sing, "I can ride my bike with no handlebars". Over, and over, and over.
The tires made me think of my brother when he was little, always burning out in the driveway, killing the rubber on them.
The peddles and spokes make me think of him.Nobody else was ever allowed to ride his bike. It was a black BMX bike that he had built himself with Christmas money and extras here and there over the course of the year. Nobody was allowed to touch it, and whenever he was done riding it, he'd run his hand over the frame carefully, checking for sand or anything that would scratch the paint.
Only once he let me ride it. Just handed it over to me, and switched bikes with me so I could ride his. I was surprised by how lightweight it actually was overall (25 pounds), yet so sturdy. I gripped the grips, the warm rubber pressing against my palms, as I rode home with him slowly and carefully, feeling all fluttery and excited inside. I felt special. Liked. It's an incredible feeling, knowing that someone would choose you over the rest of them.Back in the classroom, the darkness soaking into my skin, remembering all these things makes me happy and teary all at once. It's funny how just one object, one snapshot of your life can take you back to the place you love. Again. Again. And again.


  1. This is EXTREMELY lovely and creative. :]

  2. I think that it's true and really cool. I find it weird when I'm just thinking about something that happened in the past and later I wonder how I came to think of it. Then I remember that I saw something that made me remember it. It kind of reminded me of that.

  3. Great post. :)
    That happens to me sometimes....I just look at one object and it can take me back to a moment.
    I wonder how that is?


  4. This was so beautifully written! You're a talented writer, Jade, I love how you can see past what's in front of you to bring back good memories and describe them.

  5. This was so lovely, you have such a way with words. I always love reading your posts, their always fantastic. I've never learned how to ride a bike but the way you described this all makes me want to hop on one and just go. Lots of endless love <3

  6. I really like how you described this, Jade :) My brother has an unicycle & I wasn't allowed to ride on it either. Even if he'd let me, only thing that would happen is that I would meet the ground ;p

  7. Wow. Just wow. I love how you explained/described your thoughts and feelings. It felt as though I was reminiscing my own past. Love!

  8. Sounds like a cool bike,I saw a bike tied onto some window railings when I was in the city recently,I liked it so much I took a picture (I'm such a tourist!) :) It was pretty cool :)

  9. I really, really, love this. You are so talented and relatable. In one moment of feeling as if you're the special one, the one that person chose, everything else seems to fall away.