Friday, October 22, 2010

Meeting Up Again

I used to have this friend.
She used to have this wide grin that took up her whole face.
She moved awhile back
and our friendship shifted to the backburner.
Well, now she's back.
And now I'm stuck.


  1. Just be friendly to her, I guess. Nobody ever said you have to be friends with her again, but if you want to be, then you can. I hope it goes well(:

  2. I say you tell her to hit the road. But in a passive-agressive sort of way. Like "I kind of think it might be best if you weren't...I think you should...nevermind."

  3. Did you have some sort of falling out? Or did you just lose touch?
    I guess those are the two determining factors of what to do.

  4. PS I have one of the photos in your sidebar hanging on my bedroom wall.

  5. you never know, the friendship fire might still be burning. :D

  6. Wait did you lose touch or did you like have a fight?
    Maybe you should see what she thinks. Just be friendly and casual and maybe hopefully youll find your answer.


  7. Are you kidding, you found a lost puzzle! good news. now go drink coffee/vodka with her.