Sunday, October 24, 2010

Spiked Adrenaline

There's something so chilling and exciting about being thirty feet up in the air, my sneakers pressed up against only the wild breezes that creep through your bones. Maybe it's because the only warmth and comfort is the person to your side, and you finally have an excuse to just hide in their shoulder. Or maybe it's the wonderful feeling of my teeth chattering in the cold. Whatever it is, I could be up in the air forever, living on only hope and the feelings of trust in the ride, and myself. I just have to do that. Trust.
Yesterday I met an author. She had stiff white hair in a funky pixie and warm pink lipstick and a kind smile. I was telling her about how much I wanted to write books, and she looked me right in the eye and said, "Well, I love writing, but the only negative is that you can't retire." And she laughed, leaving me puzzled.
Well now I get it.
She meant that she loves writing so much, and it's totally addicting. I want to feel that way someday when I'm older, too.
Q: Why are oldies songs only and always about love? Can someone please answer???!
Guess I had something to say today :)


  1. I love that feeling when I'm on the swing, though I haven't been on a swing in a couple of years.

    Beautiful writing! You'd make a great author!

  2. You can do whatever u set your mind too, I LOVE when I meet other screenwriters, it's inspiring. Oh & btw, not sure why oldies songs are always about love but I love that :-)

  3. I think you would be an amazing author, the way you just described how you felt on a swing already made me feel warm and happy.

    O, and I can't answer your question :)

  4. Who was the author? (: That's so cool you got to meet her! And I think it's because back then, love was all that mattered. Now, almost everyone wants to focase on materialistic things, such as money, fame, and poseions. Amazing post, as always! (:
    X's and O's, Hannah. ♥

  5. Because love is eternal, so love songs are eternal, too.

    You're an amazing writer and I hope you never retire. XD. But seriously, I love reading your blog posts. The way you write is like a symphony for the eyes.

  6. That author sounds fun. I wonder if her manuscripts are like her.

    Q: Because all they needed was love. All the songs now talk about sex, drugs, money, and killing people. Love isn't enough for our generation.

  7. i don't think that all oldies songs are about love? if you are referring to the 60's/70's era...welll

    talkin' bout my generation by the who isn't about love and sort is about sex and drugs (not in so many words, but it's about living fast, dying young)

    hello goodbye by the beatles, i don't think is really about love, it's just a nice song. it depends what you see in it, i guess

    octopus's garden...


    eagle rock, daddy cool

    billie jean and thriller by michael jackson?

  8. Aww, the way she feels about writing is so sweet! And judging by your posts - you'd be great at it!! :D :D

  9. you have a lovely way of writing. :)

  10. I love the description(: And who was the author? She sounds wise.
    To me, it actually seem like more songs are about love now than they used to be. I've been going through and listening to all of the Beatle's songs, and a ton of them aren't about love. But when I listen to the radio, I feel like they only talk about love!