Friday, March 11, 2011


Last night, I had a dream I was watching these two guys out my window. I was automatically intrigued in them, the way they walked, their smiles, the way they were walking right past my house. Normally (as in, being awake), I would have just watched them go, and then be done with it. But instead, in this dream, I ran outside and across the yard to meet both of them. I remember my heartbeat in my chest, rough. I remember feeling unbeleviably happy to see them. And I remember embracing them, and then walking along with them.
Now, why can't I be like that in real life? The one that counts.


  1. I always imagine myself doing things, but in reality i'd have let the moment slip by.

  2. some people were meant to do this. some people were meant to be outgoing and chase the dream.

    not everyone has to. if this was the case, then you'd never have a moment to think, or be alone.

    sometimes, letting the boys pass is the good thing to do. sometimes we need to just let it slip.

    but sometimes, we DO need to be the one that counts.

  3. How curious....are they real guys that you know?


  4. I always plan to go do things like that but I end up not. Its pretty disappointing,no?