Friday, March 4, 2011

Still Here

I've been thinking about a lot of things lately.
(...She looks motherly, yet like she's still breathtaking. That is beauty. It's not something you can apply to your face...)

I've been thinking a lot about my family, and the women in my family especially. I just wish I could have known them longer (or at all), talked to them about her life. Because it's not the same hearing stories without their own points of view, and insight. Isn't it wierd, that people go through their lives keeping secrets, or memories, and never getting around to sharing them?

I've been thinking about me personally, about my writing. I mean, seriously, I want to be a writer so badly, that when I hear someone tell me otherwise, I just want to scream.

I've been thinking about friends, and what it means to be one.

I've been thinking about love, and what it means to love someone. It's all so vague. Do I treat my family and friends well, or not?

I've been thinking about the "Real World", and how I can make it a place that doesn't give me wrinkles when I'm old. I don't want to tell people otherwise when I'm older; I really think that work and life can be beautiful if that's what you want to make it.

I need to study

to talk

to read

to write

to hug someone

to cry.

Yet, I'm still not doing any of those things. I'm still thinking.


  1. This is a really good post.

    Lately I've been facing similar things straight in the face.
    Life is so much shorter, and way more fragile than what people think.

    We have to try our best to make everything count.

  2. everyone has different pictures of what i should be.

    my youth pastor thinks i'm going to be an artist. my friends ian, anthony, jordan and meghan think i'm going to be an actress. my aunts and uncles think i'm going to be a model.

    my friends zach, jessica, felicia, shannon and tim know i'm going to be a writer, which is EXACTLY what i'm going to be.

  3. I need to live.
    A full life.
    Don't think about it, just do it.

  4. I really liked this post, because I get exactly what you're thinking. I'm doing the same thing too. Thinking just comes as is.

    I hope you start feeling better. I'm sure when the time comes, you'll put your thoughts into action, but for now, just rest. Try not to think too much, allow yourself to relax.

    Oh, and I'm sorry for not commenting and unfollowing and then refollowing. I'm trying to do a Blogger clean-up and I accidentally unfollowed you, then couldn't remember the URL.

    Take Care,

  5. Jillian- thanks, and that's very true. thanks for the comment :), you're making me think... and in a good way, ha ha

    ↘Cassidy↙- hey, i have the same thing happen to me all the time. my grandparents say i should be a doctor, because they say i'm smart, but you know what? i don't want to be a doctor. right now, i'm doing what i love as we speak. writing.

    ~Abby~- you're right. i need to stop thinking so much. and i've dwindled down my fears a lot since the summer, when i made this blog, so i guess i'm in the right direction :)

    Amy- thanks for the advice :) i always love your comments, because you're honest. and it's okay :)

    That Blond Guy- ha ha, thank you!

  6. when I think, I'm in some sort of trapped limbo. Like I can't move forward or backward.
    And what you commented on my blog... it nearly made me cry, in a good way. And I think the exact same of your writing. It's so powerful and beautiful, don't forget that.

  7. This is a nice post. It has me thinking of those things too. Now that I am thinking of those things I suppose I will make it a point each day to really get to know the people in my lives on a deeper level, it will go beyond the usual hi hello how are ya. Have a happy week!