Sunday, March 20, 2011

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are

These are the days that are perfect. It's when everything is so bright and sunny and uncovered after the winter, coming out of hiding, that makes it all so beautiful. (The title comes from the Wizard of Oz, when the Munchins are in Munchin Land, waking up in their little flower beds.)I love seeing everything for the first time after the winter; and it's funny how the memories always linger. Conversations come back to me that I've forgotten, the birds come back, the people come out.
On Friday I was itching to wear something summer-y, so I decided on a pale flowy shirt, kind of girly, not my style at all. So I decided to wear my Converse sneakers with it, and that just made it all seem more like me. It was kind of pretty, kind of not, and it was perfect. I haven't been this happy in awhile, and I swear I couldn't stop smiling just to see people walking down the street, saying hi. And talking just makes everything seem so much lighter, so much better. I only we could have school outside and near a stream, with a small blackboard for the teacher to write on, perched on a rock. We'd all be sitting on rocks, and then when lunch came around we could have a picnic. I swear, people would learn more because we'd actually be learning AND be outside.But you know what was really perfect about this weekend?
The fact that I can leave my window open at night when it's not too cold, and I can just sit on my bed and feel a cool breeze against my just-washed, still-wet hair. It reminds me of summer.
Sometimes I wonder, if spring is really my favorite season after all, and not winter.


  1. This was a beautiful post! I love the way you described the feeling and the scenery, how everything was, and what everyone was doing.

    It would be nice to have classes outside, with school close to streams. I remember when I was high school, sometimes we had class outside (just for English and Geography classes) during the summer. Now, class is outside if there's a field study. But, we do have a creek right beside the school campus.

    Hope you're doing well!

  2. Love the outside school idea!

  3. It's funny how just a bit of sunny and warm weather can change out whole mood and outlook on life at the moment.
    The past 2 days have been lovely. If only all of our days could be like this.
    I wanna go to a school like that.....I wouldn't wear any shoes.