Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Perfect Pair

I feel like I've known these new friends of mine for years, all of us huddled around one big table in class. Every one of us is completely different, but we all fit together perfectly, like a puzzle.
The girl next to me, curly-haired, tall, and skinny, is like an old soul, someone who sees potential in everything and everyone around her, reaching out to take you in. She's kind of serious, kind of quirky, and she's one of the most real people I've ever met.
There's another girl across from me, dark-haired with a bubbly personality and a wide smile. She's the kind of girl who gets her nails done prefessionally and carrys around metallic-colored purses, with her dark cat-eye makeup. But she's also stubborn and sarcastic, nowhere near sweet. More like me.
And then the girl diagonal from me, the quietest of all of us, is the one I'm most fascinated with. Her appearance is striking, with bright red skinny jeans and jet black hair that clashes with her fale white skin. She's very thin, as well as tall, almost as if she were a model. But she's hidden and shy, and hates how she looks. She feels as if people are constantly looking at her, like she was ugly. But she's just the opposite. Her eyes are wide and a dark brown, and her skin is smooth, and her features are well defined and suited for her face. Today was the first time she spoke to me, but then again, actions speak louder than words, right?
All four of us, huddled around our one big table, were meant to be. Somehow, it all works out.


  1. my friends are the same way. there's the quieter, more attentive person. there's the loud, more bizzare person. then there's the quieter one, the one who's life has been messed up by someone a long time ago.

    and then there's me, the crazier, bolder, funnier one. i'm just me. we are who we are.

    nobody wants to change that.

  2. I think it's always like that w/ a certain group of friends. Girls may say, "Yepp, me and my friends are all alike and we're all perfect blah blah blah."
    But we're all different, no matter how close we are.
    They all seem pretty interesting.


  3. you find beauty in absolutely everything.
    It's an enviable quality.

  4. I love the way you described the girls, something as simple as looks, having a deeper meaning. :) It's like I was sitting there, next to everyone, seeing what you were seeing. Incredible!

    Oh, I forgot to mention before that I made a new blog, which was why I was doing a blogger clean-up.

    Hope you're doing well!