Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Small Talk

(Apparently, this is a quote from The Cure in a song called Just Like Heaven, up in the picture above. Info from: WeHearit.)
Dear You, I guess you're pretty angry at yourself, right? People just don't get you like you wish they would. And honestly, you assume it's you that's the problem. You're the different one, the person people don't understand. Why don't you change? Right?... Wrong. You're very wrong. Because if you changed yourself to be like everyone else, then it would be a crime to your soul. Lying to your own face. Trying to be someone else would be disrespecting yourself. It's like insulting the person you really are inside, hating yourself to the core. That would be the ultimate form of self-hatred. But lucky you, you're still you and still angry. Take angry any day. You'll thank yourself in the long run. Love, Your Good Old Conscience


  1. i guess it IS kinda good to listen to your conscience sometimes, is it not?

  2. This is brilliant.
    Never change who you are for someone else.

    Have a great weekend. :]


  3. I adore this, it made my day. :)

  4. yes this is a bit of wisdom. one should love who they are. I think though, that if you are grounded in yourself, fully knowing a good part of who you are, it is good to change for the better to improve that bit of yourself that will never be perfect. if that makes any sense...
    but yea. im all for people coming to terms with who they are and embracing it. frankly though, who isnt?