Friday, June 25, 2010

Gift Shops and Cemetaries

In a way, the beach is both a gift shop and a cemetary.
Everyday things are picked up by children and brought home to put on her bookshelf or his nightstand.
Everyday, a clam or maybe a small snail dies.
When you think about it enough, it's pretty morbid.
Bringing home with you, the skeleton of something once living.
Something we all consider beautiful.

And while doing this, I can't help but mutter, "Rest in peace".


  1. I'd never really thought about it like that, but now that you bring it up, I realize you're completely right.
    And sure, you can email your story to me! My email is . Do you want me to give feedback and critique or just read it?

  2. This post really made me think, and I love it oh-so-much. Your post's are so REAL and just amazing. You have a beautiful way of seeing things. Lots of love.

  3. Hry Jade! So the reason I called my story Sunday Pancakes is because every Sunday Lucy's dad would make her pancakes for breakfast. I had just started the story when I named it that, and I just never really got to changing it. :)

  4. Francesca- when i have the time, and when my editing process is done, i'll let u read it.

    Talia- aww thank you so much. i swear, u have the nicest comments! actuallu, everyone leaves nice comments here:)