Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pack Up and Go

I have exactly three and a half days left of school. I've been just trying to hold on, trying to study, trying to clean everything out.
I can't wait to get out of school, but in a way, I'm going to miss what I've gone through this year. At the begining of the year, I wanted to be preppy and grow my bangs out to my cheek. My top Christmas wish was to get Uggs (which I did). During late fall and winter, all I did was listen to Green Day every day and mope around the house. In the winter, I wanted to be punk. In the early year, I loved my shoulder length hair that was always so silky soft and shiny, as well as Hayley Williams-ish. Now, I somewhat like my curly hair. Punk and vintage is cool to me. I want Vans next year. I am obsessed with Grunge music. I love Celtic necklaces and owl necklaces. I've changed so much this year. Who am I, really?...
Top things I'll miss from each of the following classes:
Art: the two Seniors a table over from me that always have something funny to say, listening to other people's gossip, while I paint :)
English: this is wierd, the the click-clacking of my teacher's heeled shoes
French: my teacher in general, she's so nice!
History: the fact that whenever we're doing our work, our teacher blasts awesome punk/ grunge music
Gym: hm, not much, but if I AM being positive, I'd have to say walking down in the field where the baseball field is
Math: the smell of the classroom. it always smells like fresh-cut grass and clean cotton
Science: whenever my teacher gets into one of his "Well, scientifically speaking..." discussions
Besides me complaining, it's been a good year. Somewhat.
I love this picture, by the way...

I love all the owls in this picture (my favorite one is the one with the yellow book)! So vintage, so me...


  1. Ur such a unique person, and I really j'adored this post. lots of love....