Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm Scared

I never want the things I've worked so hard for and the things I love to ever leave me. It's a scary thing, knowing that fate is out of your reach, and there's nothing you can ever do about it. But I'll cross my fingers, bite my lip, and close my eyes, hoping the universe knows what it's doing.



  1. I really love this. I think the universe knows what it's doing, but I'm scared too.

  2. Oh and Jade, are you still sending me your story over email? I'm just wondering :)

  3. I think that everyone's scared. They have to be. Everyone's scared of the past, and the future. Most of all though, everyone's scared of the present. I know I am. Beautiful post ,and I love all of the pictures. Lots of love


  4. Francesca- i will e-mail u when i'm done editing, it might take awhile, though.

    Talia- thank u:)