Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Undiscovered Paradise

I'm the type of person who analyzes everything. People's expressions, the weather and how it makes me feel, art, music, everything. It's just who I am, and I've always been this way. Sometimes my mom will just look at me when I'm thinking out loud and say, "Why don't you just try to stop thinking so much?"
Because I love thinking about everything and everything. My mind races until I hit the pillow, and as soon as I wake up, it starts all over again. I can't help it. I love analyzing my life, and no it's not wasting it, because I'm loving every thoughtful moment of it. Analyzing is what makes me write, and I am so thankful. (Thank you, mind.)
So, today as usual, I was thinking. I was thinkingb about the fact that I would be driving soon (don't want to) and what my car would look like...
My car would be little and the backseat would be cluttered with pens, charcoal in boxes, paper, and lots of books, some dog-ear folded, others folded over. There'd be notebooks and CD's in the back, too. A miniature dream catcher would be hanging from the mirror, just because I think a) they look cool and b) I'm into that hippy-herb-smelling kind of stuff :) I'd have a small pillow in there for my back, because I slouch, and it just might make me feel a little warmer too. I'm the kind of girl that hates AC, and prefers to have the windows all the way down, the girl that drives around just because, finding small untraveled roads for fun (obsessed!), the one who immediatlely turns on her radio as soon as I'm in reach of it (kinda like Owen from Just Listen, only less angry). Music is comforting, sometimes better than talking, and for some reason, I always get some sort of inspiration or motivation out of it. (Do you?)
This picture below says everything about me. I'd rather be on a skateboard (without smashing my face, which is gonna be hard for me) or bike any day, but it's also pretty fun to be able to leave any situation you want, and enter into another one entirely. Hello, paradise...


  1. if i had a car, i would be cluttered as well. what a nice picture.

  2. I like this post! Even though I can already drive, I don't own a car, but if I did, I'm not really sure what my car would look like, even if I can picture yours.

    Sorry I haven't been commenting lately, I just finished my exams, and now I'm on my break.

    And not to make this a super long comment, but I was wondering if you had an ideas for a hundredth blog post. Mine is coming up, and I'm a bit stuck.

    Thanks and have a good day!

  3. omigosh, me too. and i love how you just did that. how you just described that so cooly. you do know you'd be the most amazing writer someday, right? because that was amazing. this blog is sooooo nice. oh, and it doesn't bother you that i type in all lower case, right? sorry, i must be such a pest! :)

  4. That. Is. Exactly how I am. I think, think, think until I can't even fall asleep. I'm the roll the windows down kinda girl, I love to explore new places, and I enjoy being surprised. My car would have blankets, pillows, CD's , books, and snacks. :) Love how you describe everything.

  5. Did I tell you I gave you an award? I think I did...but yeah. I'm sorry if I'm annoying. I just wanted to let you know.

  6. I am completely in love with this post (just like all your others). My mind is like that too, and it's also where I find my inspiration to write stories and poetry. The way you describe wandering around aimlessly is lovely.