Thursday, August 26, 2010


Last year, I got this calendar. It's the paper kind that you see in offices with little notes under the date written all over the place. So it was on sale for a dollar at the store, and my mom asked me if I wanted to get it. At first, I had no clue what to do with it, but for some odd reason, I said yes, and I bought it, took it home, and found out that it didn't fit on my desk. Great. So then I decided to stuff it underneath my bed, and write what happened underneath the date, everyday. So I did. And now I am completely addicted.
It's a lot easier and less sappy than a diary, with still something to say, you know? And it's a lot quicker, and takes just three minutes to jot something- anything that you thought was funny or horrible -down. All this time I've been writing, I haven't even looked over what I had been writing for almost a year in tiny boxes. And the first date I read was today, a year ago.
It's odd reading something from a year ago, on the exact date, still someone you've yet to come. I've always wondered to myself, Gee, I wonder what I was doing on this exact date, identical time, three years ago. And let me tell you, reading it gave me the chills. Almost like looking in the mirror, and seeing yourself, but with a mask on. You can see all the flaws, the differences, and all the mistakes. It's creepy.If I could go back in time, I would have told myself this: Stop worrying about all the small things. Just look in the mirror. I mean, really, look. You're beautiful, stop changing yourself. Popularity and pretty faces and brands aren't everything, actually, they're nothing. You should think more about the good things about yourself, instead of tearing everything apart, trying to morph into something you're not, and never will be. Just live. Say yes when he asks you out with that pleading look in his blue eyes, leave your hair alone, and open your eyes. Open them, look around for a minute. It's a really beautiful place.
But I can't tell myself this. I can only warn myself now.
Today may have been average, typical, boring, but someday you'll look back on it and smile for what it was.


  1. I came across an old journal too. It's nice to remember exact details of my yesterdays. =)

  2. This is so artistic. I love the way you word things. ♥ X's and O's, Hannah. ♥

  3. This was just such a...such a...such a YOU post. I can picture you jotting down something that happened today in that calender trying to scram in a few extra words in that little box. Sorry if I sound freakish, and sort of stalker-ish...I'm not, pinky promise! It's just so you. In such a good way BTW. I think that if I could go back in time also, I would do the same thing. All girls are so self conscious, why can't we just all realize that were beautiful in so many ways, inside and out? Lots of endless love <3

  4. What a great post! It kind of made me feel better & it's the truth :)
    I've been keeping journals since I was 9. Almost have a little closet full of them by now. Think I'm gonna do a 'diary'day and read them all at once.


    PS: Thank you for being such a loyal & lovely follower. I really appreciate your comments :)

  5. I wish I kept my diaries long enough to look back on them, but for some reason always destroy them... which is really rather disturbing. Moving on! Haha ;)

    It's nice to look back and know you're wiser now and learn from your... er.. "un"wiser self. I'm glad you did :)

  6. I've always wanted one of those calendars.
    What you write in every one of your posts is so true. You are beautiful :)

  7. I love this concept; it's always nice to remember, isn't it?

  8. This is worded so perfectly and it is so true!

  9. I loved this its the truth.


  10. Sometimes it shocks me how eerily alike we are. I write everything I do in a planner so I can look back to it years from now to smile to myself and remember. I'm big on documentation, mostly because I'm afraid I'll forget otherwise. This is so lovely.(:

  11. I love your header. :)
    I do the same, like, I'll be just on some random day "I wonder what I was doing at this moment exactly a year ago?"
    We gotta live right now, not in the past or future.
    Great post.

  12. This is such a beautifully worded piece. And I agree.

  13. I love how your posts are so real, so refreshing!

    New follower here :-)