Thursday, August 19, 2010


"In this job", Morgan told me after a dinner rush, "You get a lifetime of experience every day. A crisis will crop up, worsen, come to a head and resolve itself all in fifteen to thirty minutes. You don't even have time to panic. You just push through." ~ Morgan in Keeping the Moon, p. 51

I've always wanted to do that, and this year, I finally did:

Summertime is an incredible stretch of weeks that's a clean slate, the perfect time for anything to happen, and sometimes I wonder why it's not my favorite time of the year. There are many reasons why I love summer, and sometimes, I don't even notice them. And that's sad.

I love when the frogs and crickets hum lazily in the woods late at night, and staying at the beach all day, your hair curly and stiff from the saltwater and sand, face freckled from the sun. Then, once it's time to go and pack your things up, you just feel perfectly content sleeping the whole way home, the sounds of the beach still lingering, lingering in your head. I love sitting outside in the dark, the warm dirt and sweat on your forehead cooling, feet black from running around all day. I love taking pictures and laughing. I love eating ice cream, because sometimes, ice cream just seems to be able to melt all your troubles away. I love not caring about my hair or a schedule. I love swimming, pushing through the water slowly, and thoughtfully, and then diving under, cooling everything off, the only sound around you being the whirl of bubbles spinning around your head.
Gotta love that.

I was tagged by Sanchez (The Inky Finger Files) to fill in 12 likes, and 8 hates, like in Cassie's therapy video. So here's how mine turned out.
Acabradabra, wow!
I like boys with big green eyes and girls who can see themselves past a mirror.
I like 90's pop culture and classic rock.
I like the smell of oil paint, and the taste of black tea.
I like flats and legwarmers. Ray Bans also rock.
I like O.P.I.
I like those days when you're outside all day and are incredibly happy just sitting there.
I like windy back roads.
I like picking blueberries and peaches in the orchards.
I like mental health days.
I like homemaid chocolate chip cookies.
I like laying under my blankets in the morning when they're cozy and the air is shivery.
I like my neighbor, also my best friend.
I love the ocean.
Today I re-read my favorite stories over and had went swimming.
In some ways, I love everything. It's less, it's less of a thing to like, it's less distinct, it's less particular, I like things that I like but I love everything. There's more choice in like, cos even the worst things have things you love in them.
I hate the fact that it's hard for me sometimes to live in the moment.
I hate that everyone thinks they all have depression these days, and they need medication when they really don't.
I hate materialistic people.
I hate letting the sun go down on my anger.
I hate being restless and bored.
I hate the government.
I hate thinking so much, but in a way love it, because I've learned so much about life along the way.
I hate thinking about what I hate.
I hate this, wow...
I'm tagging laura marie (a diary of little things and curiousities), RaNdOM RAWR (RaNdOM RAWR), and Chloe (Butterfly Cupcakes & Daffodils).


  1. This was absolutely gorgeous, I love all of the references to Cassie's Video Diary from Skins (Weird or not I'm doing that as a monologue to get into a theater school, and I memorize every single word! I love Cassie, aside from Effy, she's just one of the most amazing Skins character ever). Any-who this was beautiful =) Lots of love<3

  2. I love the way you write! And Keeping the Moon was an awesome book.

  3. Talia- yeah, she is :) i love the cassie videos. they're very... interesting. but i love 'em.

    Amy- thank you! yeah, it was a great book.

  4. I read Keeping the Moon this past schoo year and absolutely loved it! This post was beautiful, like always, by the way. (: X's and O's, Hannah. ♥

  5. I love Keeping the moon, and I adore the way you described summer. I wish my summer could be like that, all careless and free and amazing. But they're just not.

  6. Thank you for tagging me! I love summer (well, of course, don't we all?) it's so great having the time to do just nothing. I miss not coming home to work and homework.
    "I love the ocean" :D

  7. I like to read those fun fact about you :)

  8. Amen, sister :)

    Great list, and I love your summer paragraph. ♥

    Oh, and I LOVED Keeping the Moon- didn't you?


  9. agreed, i love not having a schedual. SO refreshing and relaxing.

    me likes boys with gorgeous green eyes too! oooh yes, the ocean also makes my cut of loves as do laying under blankets in the morning when they're cozy and the air is shivery. love blueberries!