Monday, August 9, 2010

Life is Sickly-Sweet

Cupcakes have been calling me all week. Maybe it's just because they're so sweet and perfect, because they bring people together with their sweetness that may make you sick, but in the end, it was all worth it. You can add whatever you want to your cupcake so it's not like any other, but beneath the frosting and the cupcake holders, it's all made up of the same thing. They symbolize life and people in general. I like to think of myself as a cupcake, I guess."The flavor you pick says a lot about a person."
"You've given this a lot of thought", I say.
"That's pretty much my life during third period. Running errands. Developing candy-based theories about people's personalities."
Suddenly, picking up a flavor seems to hold a lot of weight. I decide on a grape, my favorite.
"Interseting", he says. He puts the bag of candy back in the file cabinet and turns to watch as I unwrap the Jolly Rancher and put it in my mouth.
"So, what's your theory?", I ask.
"It's complicated", he says. "I'll give you the short version for now." I like the way he says "for now". It hints that there is a "later" out there somewhere. "Grape people are artistic and like to be alone a lot."
"What about a cherry?", I ask.
"Cherry people are nice." He says "nice" like I'd say "boring".
"I almost picked a raspberry", I say.
"Interesting", he says, nodding. "Raspberry people are adventerous. Risk takers." I'm not sure that's me at all.
"What about the others?", I ask.
"Watermelon people are popular." He digs in the bowl, pulling out each flavor as he talks about it. "Apple people try too hard." He pulls out a yellow one and looks at it.
"How about lemon?", I ask.
"Lemon people are mean", he says. "You don't want to get on the bad side of a lemon person."
- Penny and Marcus in The Cupcake Queen, p. 53-54
Life is sickly-sweet.


  1. I think I'd be a vanilla-frosted cupcake. And that's it. I wonder if that makes me boring, or in better words, simple. But I don't feel simple, not at all. I feel a bit complicated. That's a lovely excerpt :)

  2. Oh, and sorry to comment again, but do you think you could comment on my latest post? I don't usually ask this but it's an important one that I need everybody's help on. :)

  3. This was so lovely! I love how you think about life. It's so fascinating to hear your thoughts and I'm so glad you share them. I think I'd be a double chocolate cup cake with m&m's on them =) Teehee. Now if you excuse me I'm going to go get a cupcake , lolz =) Lots of love <3

  4. That sounds like an interesting book! And I love the thought of being a cupcake, but I wouldn't be sure what I'd be. Probably a really giant one, with layers and loads of decorations, or something that represents happiness.

  5. The first picture of the cupcake looks so deliciously perfect. I don't even like cupcakes and the way you described it makes me now craving them...

  6. thanks for all the comments! i love reading them...
    i think i'd be a red velvet cupcake. simple but bold. that's me :)

  7. I loved this post I think I'd be a chocolate cupcake with a bunch of chocolate on it cause it just cant be done haha

  8. HAHAHA. Lemon is my favourite flavour! How cute. Those cupcakes look delicious :)

  9. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
    i feel like eating the computer screen they look that good.

  10. les jeune fille a les oiseaux- ha ha, that's funny! my favorite flavor would be either lemon or cherry, but i'm not boring or mean... at least i think :)

  11. This made me hungry! Haha, No it's a friend's dog. It's a cutie tough

  12. oh how i love, love cupcakes. i'm starving for one. especially one topped with m&ms. LOVE. xx

  13. oh my god, die cupcakes zien er zo lekker uit! i love them.

  14. my mouth is watering.

    i think its time for me to pull out my cooking skills and make my red velvet cupcakes again ;P