Saturday, August 7, 2010

The More Things Change

These are the kind of nights that make me remember,
with the smell of burning wood wafting through the air and weaving its way through the trees
and the summer air now cool, vivid, and alive.
They make me remember the butterflies,
the cooling sweat slicked across my skin that smelled of dirt and something else sweet,
and how we used to be happy.
They also make me remember how much I've changed, too.


  1. This is so beautiful =) I always enjoy reading your posts. Lots of love <3

  2. Memories are so interesting, thinking back things felt so happy, but are they really that different? I don't know.

    I like to think high waisted pants are back in fashion, I'm really getting into them at the moment anyways, I think they are more flattering. And no I don't find them uncomfortable at all.

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog :) <3 Wow, I love the way you write. seriously! You've got yourself a new follower :]

  4. Talia- thanks :) ur comments are so sweet all the time

    Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes- yeah, i cannot get enough memories! i love thinking back.
    i don't think it's just you with the high waisted fashion, bcuz i see TONS of ppl wearing them, so now i feel so isolated, ha ha

    Amy- thank you!

    Meleonieeee- ur welcome :) thank you, i'll check out ur blog!

  5. Touching poem...thanks for sharing.
    Hope your day is beautiful!