Tuesday, February 1, 2011

By Candlelight

Funny, that's what his face looks like when he laughs. He bends his head low and close to mine. I'm not nervous around him like other people. I can tell him more than a lot of people, and not just on a sappy love scale. I miss this, and yesterday, I was in tears because of it, just crying in my bed. He wasn't -isn't- just someone I happen to love. He used to be my friend.

Bite my lip, close my eyes, inhale, exhale everything I've been holding back.


  1. jade, your writing is inspiring and beautiful. i love how you capture what i'm feeling in, what is this, two paragraphs?! this is a great post. :) :) <3

  2. That post was pretty much, exactly what my friend has been going through. The guy she likes (who likes her back) has just moved to Beijing. He'll be there for two years.

    Also, I wanted to comment on the last post but then you posted this one, so here's my safe haven; there's a little island (it's one of the Gulf Islands) and it's called Hornby Island. There aren't many distractions there, like tv or computers. I can finally just relax and go swimming in the ocean (I love the ocean so much...).

  3. I'm sorry... if he died or isn't your friend anymore, i'm really sorry. That proably doesn't help, but somehow believing that everything happens for a reason is comforting.

    This happened for a reason too.

  4. You're amazing and inspiring. Never stop writing. <3

  5. ↘Cassidy↙- thanks! it's kinda weird, i never actually mean to capture what people are feeling; this is a lot just to get my thoughts out. but i'm glad that i can relate to people... that's always good :) and makes me relieved. *exhale* ahh

    Sophia- that island sounds beautiful! wish i could go there, ha ha. i love just taking a break from technology things and just spending the whole day outside... clears the cobwebs, you know?
    and also, i hope your friend and that guy work things out :)

    Gabrielle- no, no, he isn't dead (thank god). we've just kinda drifted and gone different ways, for more reasons than one. but it stinks, because we get along great and i feel like he understands me more than a lot of people. so i just wish i could get that closeness back... oh, and it does help. thanks :)

    Joy and Shay- hey, it's okay. i'm hoping for the best, though. :) thanks

    Reyna @fashionmist♥- thank you! and i won't :)