Saturday, February 12, 2011

For You

Before reading this post, consider the following:
Lots of people celebrate 100th posts in lots of different ways. Some say it flat out: Happy 100th post! Others make lists. Or post pictures. Well, along the population of lots of different people, I have my own method of story telling. Lyrics. Lyrics that I wish I could wear around my neck, or gush about, or tattoo on my wrists. I'm a sucker for symbolic things, and these bits and pieces of amazing songs are symbolic to me, and who I am. Thanks for listening :)
"Time is never time at all
You can never ever leave
Without leaving a piece of youth
And our lives are forever changed."
~ The Smashing Pumpkins in Tonight
Fate is like a snowflake. It is never the same each time around, yet it is always fragile and impossibly, painfully delicate and beautiful. However, when you try to touch it, reach out for it, not because you deserve it, but because you want it, you cannot have it. Forever changed, it's gone. "An old mother dies
Her intentions
Fall to the floor
The angel closes her eyes,
The confusion that was hers
Belongs now,
To the baby down the hall."
~ Pearl Jam in I Can Feel it Coming Back Again
By fate, I was given a strong-willed mother, with us as her only intentions to protect, and love. By fate, my father is subsiding, easy to persuade, intense, his love as fierce as an earthquake. This, is what I am made up of, I can feel it in my molecules. I believe that there is a reason to everything, and that everything is important, no matter how small. I was given all those names for a reason. Because... I am me."Flaxin hair blown out in the breeze
It is time for the geese to head south
I have come with my mustard seed
I cannot accept that she will be taken from me."
~ Tori Amos in The Beekeeper
My young, strong mother made a shelter, and kept us safe from the lightening above. And the monsters. But soon, I lost trust in everyone, and they were all mosters. Until...
...I met a boy with a kind face and dancing eyes one fatefull day, a day that could have gone any way, and never before have I met wild blue eyes that dance. But now I believe all those people that claim that they do exist.
"There's a sign on the wall
But she wants to be sure
'Cause you know
Sometimes words have
Two meanings."
~ Led Zeppelin in Stairway to Heaven
Exhaustion, pulsing through my veins. There's a slight warm feeling to it, slightly static, soaring through my fingertips. Heavy eyelids, slackened shoulders. Being able to allow myself to dream without thinking. That, my friend, is incredible, something that I now can appreciate everyday. No longer isomnic, I sleep through nights that would normally leave me shreiking and shivering inside.
All because of two people.
"Can you feel it, see it, hear it today?
If you can't, it doesn't matter anyway
You will never understand it
'Cause it happens too fast
And it feels so good, it's like walking on glass."
~ Faith No More in EpicYou showed me beauty, you showed me hatred. But somehow, within all of that, I found something even more beautiful. Memories.
"Some call it slums
Some call it nice
I wanna take you through a wasteland
I like to call my home
Welcome to paradise."
~ Green Day in Welcome to Paradise"Dreaming's just another word for
Nothing left to loose."
~ Janis Joplin in (I don't know the title of the song, sorry!)
When you're in dreamland, there are no boundaries. Only miles of ocean to search in, digging, stripping off all the secrets that I've known as shelter. All my secrets are out, and I'm just simply picking up the pieces.

"So take the photographs
and still frames in your mind,
Hnag them on a shelf in good health
And good time,
Tattoos and memories and
Dead skin on trial,
For what it's worth, it was
Worth all the while."
~ Green Day in Good Riddance
You know what? It hurts to be left, to be pushed aside, to decieve, to persuade otherwise. But it also hurts even more to have fate slip me a pass, give me a second chance, only to be hurt again. Sometimes, though, trust brings you great things, people you could never imagine living without. That's what happened to me. Thank you.
"Your head is humming
And it won't let go
In case you don't know
The piper's calling you to
Join him."
~ Led Zeppelin in Stairway to Heaven

Who's amazed me:
"You write amazing Jade, you will make your mark." ~ Joy
"...I think, though, that some people, may confuse this with a diary blog, but those people, would be wrong. It's not a diary blog at all! It's an artistic expression, and that's why I like it." ~ Sophia
"I love how you always share small pieces of your life. It leaves me having to put them together like a puzzle, trying to figure you out." ~ Francesca
"...And I love how you just did that. How you just described that so cooly. You do know you'd be the most amazing writer someday, right?" ~ Cassidy
"I wish a lot more girls would realize this, because maybe... just maybe things would be different." ~ Talia
"I love this poem!! It makes the word "aurora" sound like rainwater seeping through the insulation in your house... I like it!" ~ That Blond Guy
"Don't change yourself for anyone else. Just be you. Do what you think is right." ~ Anonymous
"Wow, to think one little tree inspired another amazing post. Thank you, TREE!" ~ xoxo, Hannah.
"Your blog is always a good place to come if I want a little piece of insight on something... you have this special way of seeing everything. Not just seeing it, but really seeing it." ~ Francesca

Honestly, there are so many incredible things to say, so many great things to post. But that would take an eternity to write, and to read. But I will say this: thank you so much for giving me the will power to write all of this. This is for you guys :) You're my inspiration.
Fate is indeed magic.


  1. these pictures are great! Did you take any? aw, all these quotes are so inspiring! i may have to start listening to some of those songs. HAPPY 100TH POST!!!

  2. They are amazing! Happy 100th post :D

  3. Wow, Jade, I really loved it. I realise now how much I've been absent on your blog. I'm sorry.
    I think you did a great job with the 100th post :) Like always, this one is filled with great writing and words that mean a lot.

  4. WOW.
    Happy one hundredth! It all went so fast didn't it?
    Your posts are always amazing and inspirational and this one is no different. :)
    Thank your making this blog.
    Thank you for being YOU.
    Lot's of Love,

  5. Breathless. That was such an amazing post. I love the way you find the meanings in words and learn things from them. Those comments of people who amaze you are so lovely... but I think they find the ability to amaze you because of they way you've amazed them, including me. Thanks Jade.

  6. Amazing post :) I always love reading your blog.
    (By the way that Janis Joplin song is Me and Bobby Mcgee) ... (i thjink, haha)

    <3 Mel
    Life Highs and Ramblings