Monday, February 28, 2011


Why is it that adults think the "smart, bubbly" kids are always the best ones to hang around with? Is it because they look socially acceptable by society? Or is it because everyone else does, so they must be good kids?
Because, really, adults must be blind. It's all about how someone looks, or talks, or dresses. We all take at least five seconds to make a judgement, just by habit, and most of the time, I'm always wrong. Because the girl in class that sits in front of me is the sweetest girl you'd ever meet, not materialistic, and stuck-up, like people think. Or what I automatically thought.
A girl in my class with a wreckless, rocker attitude is really just missunderstood, and that her parents aren't the greatest ones out there.
The girl with the big smile and good grades? She's just nasty, insulting people behind their backs and desperately trying to rebel against her mom (cliche, anyone?)
Another one, all cheery and happy, really has to put a mask on, because her parents are going through an ugly divorce that's just tearing her apart.
A girl down the street from me, is sweet as vomit, and has a truly ugly inside as well.
And that guy that smiles at me? He's just angry, but can't let it out.
It's all a lie, that if you look good and approachable, then you are. Because that's not true. Maybe those "punks" have to deal with something else entirely behind closed doors, that nobody could ever have thought of, or known. First impressions aren't always true.
Not even close.


  1. Wauw, I love this one. Ik keep telling this about every post but this one is the best i've ever read! You keep growing in your writing, I am glady saying that i'm really proud to follow your blog!

  2. THIS IS SO TRUE!!!! But few people realize it....I love the way you describe and see everything :)

  3. sometimes people put on masks so that nobody knows who they are...everyone has secrets that they don't want anyone to see. really, we all live behind a lie sometimes. maybe it's something that nobody notices. sometimes it's bigger.

  4. Joy- thanks so much :) i'm glad u like this blog

    Reyna @fashionmist♥- isn't it though?

    Melanie♥♥♥- thanks, that means a lot to me :) i know, it's so frustrating, that people never truly see people for what they really are... for good, or for bad. sometimes those kids that wear all black are the nicest ones, and the preppy's aren't as sweet as they make it seem, you know? or vise versa. people are judged all the time by their appearance, and i don't like it.

    ↘Cassidy↙- exactly. i read from Charles Dickens' "A Tale of Two Cities" that everyone lives a lie, one way or another. and i didn't believe that was true at first, but now i do, and i'm finally getting what he meant by that.