Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wind Chimes

When I start to want wearing yellows and greens and pinks, and I find myself dressing up in summer clothes just for fun in the mirror, that's when I want spring to come. My neighborhood is big into get-togethers and cookouts, and everyone knows everybody, good and bad, and sometimes it's just fun to see everyone. I just miss taking walks around the block, and lake breezes and wind chimes. Out of all the things in spring, I think it's the wind chimes that steal me over. Because it's like sweet music clanking together, so delicate but loud at the same time. I also like the little lime green leaves that pop in contrast to a bright blue sky. Winter has been too quiet, too cold, and too vast and lonely. I need warmth. Wind chimes, can't you play your little song for me? Just once?


  1. summer is my favorite time of year. i have a lot of good memories of summer. winter has confusing, unwanted memories, along with some good ones. i always move in winter, from one house to another. my baby sister left us in winter.

    summer is a time for cookouts, with me and a couple of my friend swimming across the lake, just being dorky and having fun. summer is when i can go off with a couple of kids and not have to be with any parents, ever.

    the thing i love most about summer is that i can run around wearing a superhero cape and pretend to fly with just me and him, and nobody even cares.

  2. I swear, this post just made my day.
    Because you wrote EXACTLY what I've been feeling in the most perfect words. :)
    And I read your last two posts...and I have to add...I LOVE KITTENS! And I am so insanely jealous of you :) Your little kitten sounds so CUTE that I wish I could reach through the screen and hug her tightly. :) As weird as that sounds...haha...

  3. This makes me want spring so badly,
    rain rain rain.