Friday, February 25, 2011

Then and Now

I write down things that happen everyday. Not like a diary, just a list of what I did, what I thought was funny, etc. And you know what?Someday I'll be wondering what I used to do when I was a teenager, how I thought. Someday I might want to tell people how my story went, day by day. Maybe someone will find all these journals I keep, and look back and be spooked. Or maybe, just maybe, they'll find an answer. It's wierd, I love writing so much, and it's like me writing down my -our, as in, my family's- story everyday.And then, I know, I'll always be known to everyone.

So far, I've been recording my life since August of 2009. Sometimes I wonder, what was I doing on this day excactly a year ago? And now I can look, and I swear, it gives me the chills. My stories dance among the pages wildly at night, and sometimes the memories take me by storm, flooding over me and Now.


  1. oh, jade. you inspire me. i love how you can take the most normal things like diarys and make them your own, special, unique things. your writing makes me smile. the pictures do too. :)

  2. This is eerily like me. I write down what I did each day, and about a month ago I looked back to see what I was doing a year ago that day. The reason I write these things down is because I'm so afraid that twenty years from now, I'll forget who I am now. And maybe I wouldn't even care. It breaks my heart when I ask my mom questions about herself when she was my age and she can't remember. I want to remember so I can tell my kids and my grandkids (if they care). Or maybe just so in the future I can read what I write and reminisce. I even put all of the work I did in a school year in a box, with a list of who my friends, teachers, hobbies, etc. were so I can open the box one day to remember.
    And the photo link you left on my blog really does match Sunday Pancakes perfectly! I'm struggling with what the cover will be, so I'll add that to my options. :)

  3. You are so inspiring! And it's such a wonderful thing that you do. You have such a great talent! xx

  4. You know, I tried to keep a diary kind of like this, but with more emotion along with my day. But it made me feel lonely, like I was the one who was ever going to read it. And that's why I kept my blog :) I wish I could turn it into an actual hand held diary to hold forever and ever ♥